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 Alaric vs Temp

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PostSubject: Alaric vs Temp   Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:37 pm

You will fight in the arena, it looks like the roman Colosseum, you will exit your respective color sides. then you shall face each other. I will then tell you too start once both parties have posted.
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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:01 pm

The crowd roared as the gate rose up revealing a rather good looking man standing barefoot at entrance. The man stepped out into the bright sunlight with his Captain’s Haori fluttering in the very light breeze. This was the man known as Alaric Knight. He was wearing a simply pair of dark colored American eagle jeans with a simply white, cotton, short-sleeved, V-neck shirt. He decided not to wear jewelry this time around, but Alaric’s tattoo that stretched from shoulder to shoulder was completely visible in the sunlight. The tattoo was a simple black necklace looking one with spikes coming off of the jewelry. The Man’s weapons were in their usual place on his hip and on the lower part of his back. He glared at the other side of the area across the dirt floor at the gate where his opponent would come out of.

[Sorry, I have a block. Larger posts to come.]
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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:52 pm

Yes, the crowd roared very fiercely like some species of pig. To Tyrone all of these watchers of the upcoming fight sounded absolutely retarded. Darkness was surrounding that guy that was forced to listen to these imbeciles and it wasn't a wonder that he was about to scream bloody murder while awaiting the beginning of the fight scheduled. Yes, his eyes were all angered for their irritation was getting to him. Some trigger flicked off in his mind on how he was going to accidently hit the audience somehow or another. Plainly, the dark skinned man was shrouded in darkness perfectly as his skin and clothes felt like matching it. Currently, the Sotaicho would be 20 meters away from a 20 meter wide and high gate leading into the stadium at the end of a darkened tunnel. Seeing how the boyo couldn't use many Shunpo he wasn't trying to use a quick pace or whatever to get into his fight. Nope, once he was an inch away from the gate it'd all be clear to him. Yes, his gate had all these little square holes that were a foot wide and high and pretty much let him see the stadium before he went in. Coincidentally the appearance of the Shinigami would be revealed while he was inside the tunnel still. Positioned exactly in front of the guy called Alaric he would have his face enlightened. Perhaps "enlightened" wasn't a good way to put it since he was black though. Anyhow, his skin shined at least and his yellow eyes would do the same to reflect off of the shining sun that would cover the stadium and reflect itself. Keeping a calm demeanor the figurine of Tyrone that was left unknown currently had his hair flowing nicely in a a slight breeze that constantly revealed his battle ready eyes.

Finally, the creature residing in the endless abyss would make some attempt to enter the arena. To his left side and in the left palm of the Sotaicho there would be a Zanpakuto called Boreas located. Beautiful as it was with spiritual energy on it to make it as powerful as a Shikai the Zanpakuto wouldn't be made to do much except trail along the farthest edges of the gate before it. Making a full square in the air the Zanpakuto would cut through the wall surrounding the gate and make it disconnected from it. Once the gate was disconnected it would fall down to the Alaric 10 meters away being in a slow motion that anyone could dodge. Though, the gates would have a hole that fit Alaric perfectly and he wouldn't even be touched by the gate as the hole in the gate centered to the middle would just fall down over him. The Zanpakuto that had cleaved the way into the arena for Tyrone had been gripped tightly in the left hand now and had it's blade facing forward. Done! Tyrone had escaped his cell and was prepared for battle and such without any harm done to anybody yet. Now that he had perhaps provoked the combatant before him he'd have a smile on his face that showed his being obtaining entertainment. Fully extended, the smile would reveal all of his pretty teeth of white that matched his white Captain's cloak. Seeing how the cloak covered the entire body there wasn't much else to say about Tyrone's appearance besides his black pants or whatever the Captains of Soul Society wear. But the opponent was noted to be sporting all sorts of cloth besides his cloak. The Sotaicho was aware that he was supposedly fighting a Captain now, too. It'd be interesting to see what this Captain had to say about fighting a Sotaicho.

Personally, the Sotaicho held no mental expectations for his fellow Shinigami presented to him in this arena. Why would he? His Sotaicho status compared to this unknown worm's surely didn't compare. One could say the man was off guard because of his physical expectation that the being before him was just weak and nothing more. Though, due to the frailty of the creature that was in front of the Sotaicho much play could be had. Indeed, it was decided that Tyrone would just plain out mess around with his toy that had been gift wrapped all nicely to him. Perhaps, the Sotaicho could even teach the boyo before him a lesson or two. Usually, the old man had no need for such feelings unless they benefited him. But, this situation was very beneficial to Mr. Leventis. Firstly, he'd be getting some entertainment. Secondly, he was training his Shinigami brethren somehow. Thirdly, there was a belief grasped in the mental process of Tyrone that led him to fight for something. Now, Tyrone doesn't know everything. So, this hidden desire that was inside him pushed him to somehow fight because he'd gain some sort of peculiarity. Finally, the top ranked man in Soul Society would speak to his subordinate that was still 10 meters away and in reach of his voice hopefully.

"Hey, I'm Tyrone Leventis and I guess we're going to fight. Who are you? I hope we can have a good learning experience Mr. Unknown! Can I attack firrrrrssst?"Not much was to be said between fighters and so in the midst of shouting Tyrone had a fairly discreet tone of a snake. Considering the roars of the crowd and how far away his opponent was the voice was a great shout that had surpassed the voices of the crowd in loudness. Even though such intensity was shown the smile throughout his entrance had remained on Tyrone. Except, the blade of Tyrone still carried it's fierce ignition of spiritual energy that helped make it as strong as a Shikai. Perhaps that revealed something? Who cares? That color from the Zanpakuto would fade from the weapon to indicate that some greetings were to take place now. Because greetings shouldn't be hostile and respectful it was only natural that the blade prepared for battle had receded it's power compared to a Shikai.

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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:12 pm

Any attacks made before this post are void. Just in case someone did a preemptive strike.

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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:47 pm

[Just in case someone did a Preemptive strike? CoughcoughTempycoughcough That damn door. Hahahaha! I guess I will be ignoring that part.]

The crowd would yell and roar louder; the man before him [Alaric] came out of his gate with a Captain’s Haori on. He was rather Tan, unlike Alaric. Also, he seemed like he wanted to make the first one. Alaric gave his simple heart melting smile before replying with, “I am Captain Knight. Alaric Knight.” That very Sentence was followed by Alaric releases his Reiryoku from its restrictions. “Reveal thy Truth, Kashou Kusari!” Alaric spoke as he let the Captain’s Haori fall form his shoulders as the Dark blue and Black Reiryoku swirled around his very being showing that he had released. Alaric didn’t take his hands out of his American Eagle Jean pockets as the very swords on his left hip and lower back shifted to their Shikai Release.

The pistols were of Ornamental variety, which looked like they should belong hung up on the wall instead of in a battle. “Alaric, remember what we fought about in Hueco Mundo. The core values that WE fight on. We will finish this fight with this man dead.” Alaric nodded his head before speaking to Tyrone. “Captain Tyrone, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You may make the first move.” Alaric took his right hand out of his jeans pockets and placing it on the handle of the Ornamental Pistol fastened horizontally to his lower back. He would draw the pistol only when Tyrone would attack. He would pull the Pistol from it’s holster, and the hostler would disappeared into Reishi particles that would make the pieces of black chains that would hang from the handle of the pistol.
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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:31 pm

Now that his entrance had been executed perfectly Tyrone would simply take notice in Alaric's introduction, actions, and his final statement. Focused, the eyes of the male had their direction trying to be placed on the Captain before them while the ears would twitch to record the information they had gained and to show that Tyrone wasn't pleased with how he hadn't gained any special facts. It just so happened that Tyrone had been vague in asking for an introduction from Alaric so he couldn't blame the boy for not including which division he was in. Though, it could have been some sort of clever ploy by Mr. Knight so that his opponent wouldn't discover what his capabilities were. Of course, it's not like the Gotei 13 has a construction where the squads grant unique abilities except the 2nd squad and Kido Corps. Nah, the thought that Alaric was in an assassin squad or something was far too much of a stretch and when Tyrone took into consideration the man before him had some connection to a special unit he easily dismissed his assessment. Following the dismissal of his first thoughts for battle was a held in chuckle in the mentality of Tyrone for his useless thought patterns that tended to occur. In the first place there was no NEED to think so extensively about his fellow Captain. There was a reason why Alaric here was a mere Captain while Tyrone was a Sotaicho, or at least, Tyrone thought their positions entailed a difference that made him superior somehow or another.

Before Tyrone knew it the boy before him had decided to release his Shikai quite early into the fight. Oh well, it's not like the fight is that of an amateur's. Plus, Tyrone had a potent blood lust that wouldn't refrain him from going full force if he didn't have a very playful personality. Indeed, the releasing of the Shikai was an action insignificant to Tyrone except that he factored in the appearance of his opponent's Shikai. Basically, it was plain obvious that his ability had to revolve around shooting something. But, Tyrone didn't know what that item he'd be shooting would take the form of considering people shoot all kinds of elements. No matter, the boyo would be forced to use his weapon sooner or later and Tyrone already had a small amount knowledge of what to expect. At some point after all of Alaric's facial expressions he had finally made the first move in the fight in Tyrone's opinion as he had clearly insulted the Sotaicho. By calling the Sotaicho a mere "Captain" implied they were equal or something but the Head Captain didn't think so. Tyrone really frowned at the mention of him being "Captain". Sheesh, what an insult to the pride of Tyrone. Everything was alright after the male before him had spoken of how he'd voluntarily let the opposition have the first move. Once it was registered that the Sotaicho could make the first move he'd feel all sorts of emotions that were positive. Though, the only real emotions were that he was happy, relieved, and feeling condescending. Primarily, it was hilarious that Alaric would just grant him the first move. Grasping the act of kindness the Sotaicho would mutter out some words for celebration.

"Hadō #90. Kurohitsugi.". In a monotone voice that reigned in softness the Sotaicho had announced the Kido he was using. His tone wasn't one that Alaric could hear himself, though, he'd most likely recognize the upcoming Kido. Swiftly, Tyrone had gathered his spiritual energy and formed a black and purple energy in the palm of his free hand. Simultaneously to being formed the energy that took the form of various lines would fly towards Alaric in a way that would surround him and begin to form the Hadō #90. Kurohitsugi. Basically, there would be a box to form around Alaric that would go 1 meter outward in all directions and then form as a box so as to fit his size during maximizing of the ability of the technique. While forming the box would also have spear-like material coming out from all of it's directions. Basically two spears would be up, left, right, forward, and behind. Seeing how there would be two spears they would each be diagonally opposite on their respective side's center area. So, all of these spears happened to be launching themselves toward Alaric in a way that would surely kill him if even one hit. Simply put, one spear on each side went for the heart and another for the brain usually hitting perfectly. Plus, they wouldn't stop there and would continue until they made two holes in the body of Alaric while entering and exiting the body normally.

It's not like Tyrone expected his very high leveled Kido to hit or anything. Though being super advanced and utilized in a surprise attack the Hado isn't really a kind of "opening" attack but a "finishing" one so it wouldn't be a surprise if Tyrone somehow got lucky. But, obviously, he didn't have high hopes and had to start thinking about what he would do next. If anything, the previous Kido is a great diversion for Tyrone to figure out what the hell he'll do now that he's started up the fight. Because the Sotaicho has gained a sort of pride in his position he doesn't really want to release any bit of his Zanpakuto's power for it would mean he needed to degrade himself to the level of Alaric or something. Now, without his Zanpakuto's Shikai, it would be obvious that Tyrone had to resort to Kido. Yes, maybe he'd use Kido frequently. Seeing how Tyrone is the almighty Sotaicho the man before him can't surpass him Kido, can he? Nah, there's no way. Especially since the Captain knows such high level Kido Alaric couldn't possible have some sort of defense against the Head Captain's awesome capabilities. For the moment his confusion and required strategic thinking that was annoying had receded though as he plainly put a smile on his face so his opponent could recognize he's entertained in the fight due to the extensive thinking required. Obviously though, Tyrone is far too uncaring of the Captain before him so any of his smiles only symbolized his arrogance and ignorance to what Alaric could do.
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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:13 pm

The man known as Tyrone stood by as he let him release his Shikai. “Mistake Number one.” Alaric thought. He felt the Captain’s Reiryoku surge to a high level right before a dark purple and black energy formed in his hand. Alaric quickly shunpo’d to the right as the box formed in the place where Alaric once stood. “Hadō #90, huh?” Alaric quickly drew the pistol form his lower back and pointed it at Tyrone. He pulled the trigger as he fired a simple Hadō #01; Shō. The invisible kidō would fire from the barrel of the pistol, but no sign of it would be apparent to the Captain before him. No rise in Reiryoku, no flash, or anything would appear as he fired the kidō.

The Shō was aimed directly for Tyrone’s sternum. The blast would be amplified by ten in terms of power level, but it would only require half of its original amount, which would be near nothing. The Shō wouldn’t cause much damage, but it would fraction the sternum and make moving rather painful for the Captain Alaric would come to a simple stop about ten meters away from the dark purple and black box. The young Captain’s left hand would be pulled out of his pocket and draw the other pistol on his left hip. The hostlers would disappear into Reishi Particles that would connect to the handle of the pistols. He spun the pistol in his left hand on his pointer finger before returning it to its original position in his hand. Alaric would give a small smirk before waiting for the Captains next move.
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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:22 am

[OOC: You're in the middle of one of the holes in the gate. Before your Shunpo can even get you to your location you'd already be tripped up as you failed to mention the gate at all in your post. Simply put, there's no way to Shunpo. With the circumstances as they are I'll be connecting my Kido.]

Apparently, Alaric had lacked the capability to fully dodge the Kurohitsugi that had now fully formed. Because the Kido had fully formed it would have spears be launching from generally every direction and a long reach for each spear was guaranteed. Desiring not to properly dodge the spears provoked them to have a position of which had themselves found in the body of Alaric in a head to toe fashion. Basically, the spears of Kurohitsugi had managed to stick Alaric up into the air with his guts and innards falling everywhere due to various holes being made. Clearly, the death of Alaric was instant as his head and heart were in the way of multiple spears. Truly, the death of Alaric was confirmed as he had almost entire spears placed in his body instead of being only partially inside. If anything, the bones of Alaric's body now could consist of the spears. Though, these weapons would quickly dissipate as the Kido had ended.

Expecting a counterattack, the Sotaicho would move to a gun being positioned. Almost like stairs, the spiritual particles around the Captain would form underneath his feet as he moved forwardly up an invisible staircase. Obviously, the movement up this staircase would consist of a Shunpo so to outrun any bullets that were shot. Peculiarly, if a Shō was shot it wouldn't be noticed but still dodged as the movement was intended for any sort of high speed bullets that might come forth from Alaric. As the final positioning of Tyrone was made he'd be located 30 meters above Alaric and 5 meters forward. There was another reason that Tyrone had come to his current position. Seeing how the Sotaicho usually is in high speed battles he had figured that it was necessary to get as far away from the ranged attacks of Alaric as possible. Finally, the primary reason the Sotaicho had moved wasn't to only defend but to attack. Now that he was in his current position he was a good distance away from his fellow Shinigami and so it was decided a good Kido chant could be made fully. Not only could a chant be made but the Shinigami now also had a good view of the entire arena. Plus, with a gate covering the surroundings of Alaric he was basically trapped and the Sotaicho could pursue all kinds of strategies. First things first, the Shinigami decided to begin his chant while he had the advantage still.

"Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired Hadō #91. Senjū Kōten Taihō" Under his breath, the Captain would whisper his incantation for the high level Kido he was to use. Halfway through the incantation, ten spears of pink energy would form a foot away from Tyrone and to his sides. Once the incantation was completed, the energy spears would be launched towards Alaric's position where they would then continue the final effects of the Kido. The Kido would explode into a 20 meter wide and high explosion that would no doubt consume the gate with Alaric if nothing was done in response. Physically, Tyrone hadn't been damaged yet but his spiritually energy was about halfway gone. For someone that hadn't used their weapon it was strange so much energy was drained. But, Tyrone could only pose a faint smile in recognition that he had hopefully fooled the Alaric fellow into believing that he would be a lesser being without the usage of his Zanpakuto. Amusingly, the Sotaicho had no knowledge that his opponent was probably a puddle of blood and crap now. If anything, you could call the Shinigami foolish for his overreaction to an already decided battle. But, Tyrone liked to be precise in his killing of the opponent. Plus, Tyrone had nothing else to lose in completely decimating his opposition as if it could regenerate or something. Yes, Hollow usually regenerate in a very annoying manner. Now, a creature can't regenerate from nothing and that's what Tyrone loved to enforce.

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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:26 am

[I'm guessing since Tempy quit. The ruling didn't go his way. Thus, I think I get to post and have my way with him? If so, I will post Later today.]
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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:13 pm

(OOC: Nah he was joking.)
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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:17 pm

((No response and days have gone by. Temp be the victor here))

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PostSubject: Re: Alaric vs Temp   

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Alaric vs Temp
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