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PostSubject: Tutorial Lesson 1   Tutorial Lesson 1 EmptySun Oct 21, 2012 10:03 am

A man standing at precisely 6 foot tall took his position in a class room. The Kido training grounds was just outside of this spacious classroom, albeit 30 meters away from the actual classroom. The man in this spacious room filled with rows and rows upon seats, was about to start a particular lesson. The lesson was a very simple and yet very important one. The man in question had long silver hair, that was tied in a ponytail. Old man Kaito was the name of this person, and old he was indeed. Old Man Kaito is now a veteran, a retired Shinigami who decided to take over preparing the new generation of Shinigami. Despite being older than most, Kaito Sensei doesn't have a frail body. His own body was perhaps more fit for battle than the youngsters around. The silver eyebrow and mustache showed that the man had indeed aged. Old man Kaito also sported a silver goatee. Kaito wears a black Kimono with a red and white Haori with red petals decorating it. The tutor that is Kaito is also armed with a staff, one that is speculated to house his Zanapakuto.

Kaito was now awaiting the arrival of all the students. In the mean time the old veteran started stroking his goatee, amused by the influx of students. The newest of the new to the Academy will be attending this lesson. Thinking back on past times, Kaito felt like coming out of retirement, but that in itself would prove to be troublesome. It was either this, or get thrown into the maggots nest. The old man was thankful that Nazora the Sotaicho wasn't such a cold woman, as many thought her to be. Then again. Old Man Kaito was responsible for training the likes of Nazora and Jushiro. Now wasn't the time to dive back into the past, it was all about the future after all. As the students came in and all the necessary seats were filled. Kaito watched them closely, observing each and everyone of them. Their idle chit chat was something the man expected. They just couldn't contain themselves. However, once the lessons started, the old man would make sure to get their attention. And should a student try being a brat, their lack of respect will be punished, and in a harsh manner too. The senior students knew exactly what this man was about, and now it was time for the newbies to learn too.

The grey eyes of the veteran closed and a sigh was released. It was always the same, de ja vu all over again. At the academy, nostalgia was an everyday occurrence. Kaito had to admit though. There are times when students truly surprised the old man, and most times they would go on to become one of the greats. Kaito proceeded to clear his throat in order to gain the attention of the brats. But it would appear the man had failed which called for plan B. Old man Kaito showed why he was a man not to be toyed with. The vast spiritual pressure of the veteran poured out in the classroom. Kaito's Reaitsu would have grabbed hold of the souls of the newbies before him. Such pressure would make it difficult for students to breathe. The Reiatsu coming from Kaito would have lowered back to its usual none malevolent levels. A level that the students would find bearable while in the presence of this man. Kaito's eyes then scanned the room, making sure everyone was on the same page as he was. Now clearing his throat, the staff in his hand tapped against the wooden floor.

Kaito began pacing back and forth, leaving everyone in waiting for his words of wisdom. The veteran's desk was located in the center of the room. And on said desk, several items laid in abundance. One of these items so happened to be the Reiatsu ball. A book for Kido spells also took refuge on his desk. Sake and cups along with other items was on the desk. The man was still pacing back and forth, his mouth finally opened with words flowing from it.
"Welcome to the beginning of your days as a Shinigami. Currently you are all a bunch of worthless souls. But I intend to mold you all into something worth mentioning. However, what you become will be up to you. I can only be responsible for your success, purely because I do not believe in failure. Without any more delays, I am Kaito Shigunna, and I will be your tutor for most of your lessons during your time at the Academy. Many have come to refer to me as Old Man Kaito, or Kaito sensei. I don't mind being referred to as either of these titles. Anything beyond what is not respect, will be shot down, do we understand each other?". The voice of the tutor was deep and commanding. Just by watching the man, many would realize that he has charisma as a person too.

The words of the veteran should have sunk in by now, and using this notion, Kaito resumed from where he left off.
"I'm not gonna ask you all to introduce yourselves. I have already seen your file, as such, we can get to know each other as we go along. What I want to discuss are your reasons for attending this lesson". Kaito came to a stop at his desk and extended his left hand. This hand was then used to pick up the Reiatsu ball, that has an official name. One that will be revealed in due course. "This ball is the Reishūkaku~ Spirit Gathering Core. This is the item that you will all use to help you control your Reiatsu. If you were paying attention, you would have noticed that there is a Reishūkaku in each drawer at your respective desks. Ones spiritual pressure may vary according to the person. Many Shinigami have described their Reiatsu as a flowing tap that never stops. Some Shinigami have said their Reiatsu works in unison with them, a perfect unity. It doesn't matter how it is, one must learn to control it. And the Reishūkaku will put you on the correct path. I will now demonstrate just how useful using the Reishūkaku as a medium can be". Kaito held the ball on in his free hand, with his spiritual pressure flowing into it. At first the man seemed to have poured too much into the Reishūkaku.

As a result, the veteran was unable to form a ball made of out pure Reiatsu. The Reiatsu medium generated an out of control spiraling ball. But as soon as the man began focusing, the Reiatsu was poured into the ball was properly regulated. Kaito was successful in forming a sphere of Reiatsu around the Reishūkaku ball. The way in which this was done, would have showed the struggles of the man in those instances. Giving them a clear idea of how much concentration and general control was a key factor. The old man's Reiatsu ceased to flow and the Reishūkaku was placed on the desk. In those few moments, Kaito began looking around the room, just to make sure his students was paying attention to the lessons being taught.
"You will all get started on learning how to control your Reiatsu. If you can't even do this, then attending Kido lessons may not be the best thing after all. After you've accomplished controlling your Reiryoku using the Reishūkaku, we will then move onto something a bit more complicated. So pay close attention to what I am about to do next". Kaito tapped his staff/cane against the wooden flooring. His spiritual pressure poured out again, this time in such a refine manner, that the students would not be affected. The old veteran had to be careful with his demonstrations or risk sending them on a trip to the Yonbantai relief section. The Reiatsu of the man which was red in color took on a form of its own. The old man managed to form his Reiatsu into a sphere, one that protected his enter body from outside influences. This degree of Reiatsu control was what his students needed to aim form. It was a skill that they would not use too often, but it was of importance none the less. The Reiatsu sphere vanished according to the veteran's will. The man was just about ready to explain what he did just a few moments ago.

"What I did just now was demonstrate just how well I am capable of controlling my Reiatsu. The Reishūkaku will no longer be of any use, once you've mastered how to control your Reiatsu output. Regulating how much to use is valuable as knowledge and as a tool. Once you've learned how to control your Reiatsu using the Reishūkaku, I want you to attempt controlling it without the Reishūkaku like I did just now. So if there are no questions, I want you all to get to it. Chop chop your worthless grime". Kaito soon after proceeded to sit behind his desk, awaiting the moment that his students would have accomplished something.

((For the purpose of this thread. RP in such a way, that you were one of the students in the room before the lessons started. Also, it takes 700 words to learn Reiatsu control with and without the Reishūkaku. This means you would have posted 1400 words minimum. Please detail your struggles etc. Also, learning everything in one post in not allowed, so try not to loophole the system with one huge post. Have fun and RP it up))

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