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Prologue: Darkness Falling

Thousands of years prior, a man was born, unnaturally gifted with powers which exceeded those of any Shinigami of his time. A brilliant Scientist of the 12th Division, and now bestowed as the Head Captain Commander at a modest and extremely young age, a child prodigy. As it turned out, this man had a true lust for power, even beyond that of what commanding an entire Shinigami Army had granted him. The Central 46 during their selection process, had managed to overlook one fatal flaw, and this indeed lied directly in the man’s own personality, a flaw which was destined to bring the world to oblivion before it even had a chance. In their desperation for a leader to combat against the ever growing Arrancar threat, they chose a man to lead, which was in all regards mentally unfit to lead. In combat, this man was a genuine genius however, his Kido unmatched, widely known as the King of Flash, and Grandmaster of Zanjutsu. He was the perfect person to lead the Gotei in a war against the Espada all those years ago. Finally, when the war ended, and the Espada were nearly completely eradicated, his malevolent instincts took charge. It began first with inhuman research, vile experiments which openly took place. As punishment, the naïve Central 46 removed this man from his position as Captain Commander, however remained a member of the Gotei 13, reinstated as the 12th Division Captain. From this post the man continued to conduct his experiments in secrecy, building a powerful resistance against the 13 Gotei, in which a Coup De Grace was attempted and ultimately stopped by the new Captain Commander, Tsukio Nazora. Many lives were changed as a result of this attempted Coup, and the man responsible sealed away in “Muken” with an eternity sentence, this man went by the name of Hizato Mangetsu.

Darkness Ascends

After hundreds of years of imprisonment, the brilliant being known as Hizato Mangetsu placed a failsafe, a sleeper agent, one of the legendary resistance which rose up against the Gotei 13 from the inside, Hizato’s most loyal soldier, a seemingly lowly 3rd seat, with average abilities at best, but this was pseudo, when the man had the spiritual pressure to be a captain himself, with the skills of a veteran captain, and a mad genius just like his predecessor. This man was left for the sole purpose of Hizato Mangetsu’s return. This man’s name is known as Tartan Dawn.

Prison Break

Tartan Dawn, now finding the queue to set his ultimate goal in motion, has found alliances in some select Vizards. Together and using Menos Grandes, and other devices at his disposal, his own manipulative personality, Tartan has successfully infiltrated the Prison “Muken,” causing a prison break, and finally freeing Mangetsu from his imprisonment.

Mangetsu’s goals remain the same, and he only wishes to exact revenge upon the Shinigami, the Central 46, and continue with his lust for power, rising to heights adjacent or beyond that of the Spirit King himself.

Tartan Dawn has been busy at work during his time as a sleeper agent, taking frequent visits to the Valley of Screams, harnessing the power of the Blanks, and using them to construct a massive fortress, larger than that of Las Noches, from which Mangetsu will begin his crusade to win back what he lost, and gain more.

The Dormant Espada

The Arrancar, once a powerful and immense standing army, far more powerful than what even the Gotei 13 at the time could handle, that was until Hizato Mangetsu turned the war in the favor of the Shinigami, leaving the Espada decimated, and destroyed, but not completely gone.

All hope was lost, but now the Arrancar have rebuilt, and their power far greater than ever before, mostly due to their malevolent and powerful leader, the Cero Espada Vincent. Their power continues to rise, as Mangetsu continues his tirade, hoping to sway the sleeping army to his side, and use them to help crush the Gotei 13 once and for all.

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