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 Bount Race Information

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Royal Vizard
Royal Vizard

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PostSubject: Bount Race Information   Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:13 pm

Bounto - The Lost Brotherhood

Bounts are living beings similar to the Quincy, the difference being they have a special component that is encompassed by a Human soul. Bounts have the unique ability to absorb Human souls, making them their own.

It is as a result of this ability, that have named Bounts at various times in Human history as "vampires". As the accidental creations of a Shinigami scientist, they were once affiliated with Soul Society. Currently the Bounts in general are only a small tribe of beings from what they once were. Due to their circumstance they are neither affiliated with Soul Society nor the living world, they are pariahs, accepted in neither dimension.

The Bounts were created by a unknown shinigami scientist as the accidental result of an explosion during an experiment by the predecessor to the Seireitei Technological Institute. The experiment was an attempt to develop eternal life using the already slow-aging Shinigami souls as the base, but the materials used in the experiment crossed with the development of souls in the real world and led to the creation of a new spiritually-active Human race, the Bounts.

The Bount souls were scattered about the world, giving rise to a new race that never aged after reaching their twenties or thirties. They were generally treated as outcasts due to the fact that they did not age. The Shinigami scientist responsible for their creation, gathered most of the Bount into a small community in a secret cave structure, during the 15th century. It was his intent to improve the quality of life for the people whose suffering he felt responsible for.

However, the embarrassment of this accidental creation, as well as the fact that a tenth of Seireitei was destroyed in the resulting explosion and the possible threat they posed to the balance between the worlds, led the Chamber of 46 to rule that the experiment and its failure was to be covered up, and the Bounts destroyed. Shinigami were dispatched to kill the Bount community, but a handful survived. They fled to the real word, where they hid in a underground cave complex. There, a whole civilization was created.

The five most strongest Bounto, ones which could even match the strength of a shingami captain, they even organized a defensive structure and formed a patron which who's duty was to protect the rest of them from harm. But, due to the low number of fertile Bounto, the replacement of the ones who died in battle was becoming rather hard, so instead of fighting this organization was actually more focused on moving hideouts each them they got discovered.

During the 20th and 21st century, the Second Bount Mesiter discovered a way to hide their hiding place and mask it, so since then they were hidden from everyone, free to do whatever they wished. During the uprising of the Togabito, it was found that a great many number of Bountou had resurfaced from out of nowhere. While every other race was busy duking it out in the soul society, the Bountou swiftly moved in on earth, taking out major cities and causing complete and utter havoc to befall the realm. Their leader at the time being a madman known as Severity Rose. He was eventually murdered by the rising faction known as the Dodekatheon, and a bitter rivalry between the two factions would soon kick off.

Bounto Abilities

Soul Absorption: Bounts normally try to absorb the Human's soul after the person dies and is trying to pass on. But they are also capable of taking the souls of those who are living, to do so kills the Human.
  • Immortality: By absorbing Human souls, a Bount can live forever. When they absorb Human souls, they gain eternal life.
  • Empowerment: By taking the souls of living Humans, Bounts gain unique abilities.


Bount Seals: Other than the "Zeige Dich!" the seals can only be used by Mesiter Bounto.

- Zeige Dich!, German for Show yourself, is used by all the Bounts. It is simillar to a Shikai command; the difference is that all Bounts have the same release command. A Shikai has only one dominant command, while a doll has many commands.

- Space Manipulation Seals: The Bounts are able to manipulate space after they have sucked a number of souls. Each of these seals has to be trained, the word count for each is 1000 words.

The following Spacial Commands are:
  • Andere Welt anschliessende Port, tauch' dich sofort auf!, incorrect German meaning The portal which connects to another world, appear now!. This opens a senkaimon.
  • Mache sogleich das Tor fuer unsere Bounto auf!, German phrase meaning Open at once the gate for our Bounts. This allows the Bount's souls to pass through the senkaimon. In order for the portal to open faster, it needs a quincy arrow to be shot through the portal. The ritual lasts 5 posts, during that time you will be unable to move or do anything, even controlling a Doll will be impossible for you if you are not a Master in that area.

Rare Dolls - Bitto
They are mosquito-like beings which drain the souls from humans and condense the energy into a purified liquid for the Bounts to drink. They even produce a useful vial in their sacs to store the elixir (which takes the form of a red, blood-like liquid). After the soul elixir has been ingested, the Bount who took it immediately experiences the effects, with veins popping from their skin.

Fertile Meister Bounts can sacrifice some of their blood to create 1 Bitto which dies after one usage. The empowerment will last for 4 turns, during those four turns they will gain a 50% increase in their Speed/Strength/Agility. But, they can do so every 20 topics. It can not be stacked, example using two Gitto Elixirs at the same time.

By sacrificing a Fertile Bounto, only 5 Bitto will be formed. They give the user same kind of empowerment, which can not stack. Sadly, this can be only repeated if yet another Fertile Bounto has been sacrificed.



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Royal Vizard
Royal Vizard

Posts : 1027
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PostSubject: Bounto Ranks   Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:14 pm

Bounto Ranks

As mentioned before...

The strongest Bounto, ones which could even match the strength of a shingami captain, they even organized a defensive structure and formed a patron which who's duty was to protect the rest of them from harm. But, due to the low number of fertile Bounto, the replacement of the ones who died in battle was becoming rather hard, so instead of fighting this organization was actually more focused on moving hideouts each them they got discovered. What other races do no know, is that the Brotherhood are direct remnants of the Togabito Army. As they are loyal Apostles to the late vanquished Oberon, whom's power was not completely destroyed, only quelled.

The Meister Bounto
Grand Pope [Leader] - |Ichabod Eisenwald|

The Prophets
God's Prophet: |Prophet Mortality| - This member's job is to spread the word of the Brotherhood around the world. They are given a specific task that allows for them to not be bothered with by the rules of the leader, because they are never around. They focus mainly on taking down the greatest threats to the Brotherhood, and they spend more time away on missions then anything else. Rarely being seen in base. They are also the body-guard of the Trust Prophet.

King's Prophet: Despite the name, this member's job is to send missions out to the other Prophets and the lower ranking members, their rule is absolute second only to the Grand Pope them-self. As they can make missions and such, they can order around the other Prophets, they are fiercely loyal to the race. There is no exceptions to this. To be the King's Prophet, you must have to been indoctrinated from birth
Truth Prophet: This member is in charge of the research and development department. They are tasked with advancing the brotherhoods technology, and to make sure that tools are developed to overcome the limits that hinder the race as a whole. They are also the only ones with the knowledge to directly make and produce Bitto.]

Trust Prophet: This member is in charge of interracial politics and such, they are the diplomat of the race and it is their soul duty to make and break treaties and alliances with other races. They also are in charge of masking the terrible deeds that are committed around the globe, to keep the numerous countries that are under Bount control in check and in a disillusionment type reality. They are usually given non-combat missions.

Hate Prophet: This member is in charge of the defense of the race as a whole and the protection of the main headquarters. They usually are seen along side the Death Prophet on missions are usually the most brutal tag-team in the entire race. Their main advantage is that they can kill fellow race members below the rank of Prophet without fear of being determined a traitor. They usually do this as the greatest threat imaginable to the Brotherhood is a unreliable brother. Girl Character Only

Soul Prophet: This member is in charge of keeping the other members of the race in line, making sure that those whom break laws are punished. They are also in charge of the prison, and also are the inquisitor of the race. Given special rights to get information from captured parties by any means. They are allowed to even indoctrinate others into the race to become allies, as all outside parties had to go through this process. The Soul Prophet is usually very introverted, as in they do not ever attend meetings. They along with God's Prophet, never have to go to meetings.

Death Prophet: This member is in charge of the offensive side of the Brotherhood. Death is the general of warfare and that is already made apparent by the privileges provided. Death is above all laws regarding the Brotherhood, and are usually beyond the scope of indoctrination, bred and born for one purpose only. To ensure the conquest of the world for the Brotherhood. Death is responsible for making sure that a free supply of souls is steadily retrieved for the other members of the race.

Life Prophet: This member is left in charge of the medical bay. As such they have the basic duties of being the medics. The Life Prophet is not restricted to only being a medic however and are sent on the most dangerous missions to support Death and Hate. They are incharge of making sure no bount suffers the endless void of death.

The Ministers




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Royal Vizard
Royal Vizard

Posts : 1027
Join date : 2011-05-12
Age : 24
Location : Canadia

Zan||Ken||So||Ki: : Mastery | Exp | Mastery | Mastery
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PostSubject: Bounto Fighting Styles    Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:14 pm

Bounto Fighting Styles

Zan: This style generally refers to the way of the sword. However, Zan shall also be used as a reference to determine how well one utilizes their weapons.

No skill means your Doll kills you the moment you use it. It hates you, you are not worthy of it, it thinks of you as a weakling. Not to mention, it will be in a really bad mood when you awaken it from its slumber.

Bounto: Doll
Mastery: You and your Doll are like one person, it loves you and you love it. You got all powers and it will do whatever you want it to. Not to mention, you can keep it in its core form for as long as you want.

Experts: Alright, you and your Doll are starting to like each other. But, it still doesn't trust you much. Sure, it listens to you and does whatever you want, heck you don't even have to use a release phrase to summon it. You can use its Core form, but only for a limited time, like 5 posts.

Practitioner: Yay, your Doll doesn't hate you. Well, maybe it does, a little. It thinks of you as a strong enough person to give you its power. Not to mention, it realizes that if you die, it will die as well, so it won't kill you. Though, it won't let you see its core form either.

Ken: The ability to fight unarmed and without the use of weapons as suggested will be covered by this style. In simple terms, Ken relates to Hakuda (Hand to Hand) combat. This style of fighting is very popular among some. While others choose to master other arts.

Not having any skill in this area means that without your Fullbringing, you are pretty much useless. You don't know where or how to land hits, nor do you know any type of martial arts.

Bounto: Hakuda

Mastery: All of the skills from the previous stages are allowed to you. At this stage you are a master of a couple fighting styles and you get 1 more Free Technique Slot for a Custom martial art Techniques of your own desire. This slot can't be used for anything except that.

Experts: You got all of the skills which a Practitioner has, and even more. At this moment, you have learned how to efficiently use your strength and the strength of your foe into your advantage. But, that is not it, you also learned the locations of ones pressure points and organs. So, by hitting the right spots, you can do some serious damage with not so much effort.

Practitioner: You know how to use two or three types of martial arts, so even when someone disarms you, you will have a chance to win. Your skills aren't perfect and you still don't know where to hit in order to do the most damage.

So: This style relates to movements, and in this case, movement relates to techniques such as Shunpo, Sonido etc. Many have chosen to base their fighting style heavily on movement.

Not having any skill in this area means that your running speed equals to the running speed of normal humans.

Bounto: Enhanced Running Speed

Mastery: Finally, you mastered your enhanced speed so you are now able to use it 14 times before a 3 turn cool down. Not only that, you are able to use the Imaging Technique and create afterimages. Elites can use the Imaging technique 5 times, each taking one Enhanced speed usage. Semi and Non Elites can use it 3 times, taking one Enhanced Speed usage. Once Imaging is used up, it can not be used again till Enhanced Speed cool down is over. Each after iamge made with cloning technique takes one Enhanced Speed usage.

Experts: Your knowledge and control of your own speed is quite impressive, you are so good that you can use your enhanced speed 10 times, after which you got a 3 post cool down. Elites can use the Imaging technique 3 times, each taking one Enhanced Speed usage. Semi and Non Elites can use it 1 time, taking one Enhanced Speed usage. Once Imaging is used up, it can not be used again till Enhanced Speed cool down is over.

Practitioner: Your speed equals the speed of Shunpo or any other High Speed technique. But, it is not without limits. You are only able to use it 8 times before a 3 post cool down.

Ki: Magic power is also another style that is utilized in battle, more so than some. These styles are all based upon preference and one's talent for such skills. Kido, Cero and other similar abilities are covered under this fighting style.

Alright, every Bount has this ability. But, without a skill in this area, you can only absorb Pulses and normal spirits. You can't suck the souls of the living.

Bounto: Soul Absorption

Mastery: Now, you can absorb souls of those who are on Captain level or bellow, same method.

Experts: Now, you can absorb souls of those who are on Lieutenant level or bellow, same method.

Practitioner: You can absorb Souls by either doing it with a kiss or by biting their necks and sucking it through their blood. How you do it, it is your decision. Though, you are still not so good with it, so you can only suck the souls of weaker humans, Arrancar, Quincy and Shinigami, who are bellow the level of a Lieutenant.

Peasants to Legends

The peasants to legend system was designed for those, who would prefer to start at the very bottom. Those who prefer the idea of character development, through true hardship. These peasants will no doubt become legends among their peers when its all said and done.


These Bounts are nothing but mere peasants, fledglings hoping to one day ascend to the status of their more experienced brethrens. A Bounto of this level have yet to perform the ritual that enables them to awaken their doll. But before this should be attempted, a Bounto first need to become stronger.

Gaining Strength:

For the purpose of doing so, a Bounto first needs to consume 4 Souls. These are generally staff played NPC. The NPC are plus souls, however these souls can be very elusive and difficult to capture. The absorption of souls, are regulated via missions that the Doll-less Bounto has to take on if they are to ascend to the next level.

Doll Summoning:

Once a Bount has absorbed the souls required for their ascension. The Bounto that has done so, may then go through the ritual, that would see them progress to another level. It should be noted that certain ingredients are required for this, and these ingredients are as followed. Sulfur, phosphorus, carbon, water, fat, magnesium, and lime (The ingredients of the human body).

Ritual Incantation: A Bounto hoping to summon a doll must also recite the necessary incantation. The incantation can be unique to the bount, and must be at least 3 lines long across the screen, or even 50 words, either or either will do in this case.

Doll Training: The Doll, your friend, companion and weapon has been summoned, so congratulations on your success. This doesn’t mean that you are all powerful now, no, a Bount must train their dolls in order to get a better understanding of them. A minimum of 1k words must be completed, and this must be dedicated to strictly learning more about your Doll. During this process, it will reveal its abilities to you, but no techniques will be available. These techniques must be earned and learned/obtained via training. Yes, it’s a long road filled with hardship, but can be fun based on how you conduct yourself as a Role Player.


The fighting styles of a Bount at this level is almost nonexistent and as such, the Bount’ s FS will appear as seen below:

Zan: Basic
Ken: Basic
So: Basic
Ki : Basic

Fighting Style Upgrade:

A Bounto that has successfully summoned their Doll and learned more about its ability will get an upgrade in two areas. This means, you can boost your FS to that of a practitioners level. The area that you decide to boost is based on the vision of your own character. You will then get to upgrade another style lacking in skill, to that of a practitioner level, once you’ve learned your first technique. In order to upgrade your final area, you must complete two missions. By doing this, you would have increased all styles to that of a Practitioner’s level.

A Bonus/Incentive: In order to help you to become stronger, you will be given +200 Soul Points. The Soul Points given must be used for your Human and Human only. It cannot be transferred elsewhere or used for something else not directly related to your character’s FS progress. In order for one to progress all their FS to that of an Expert level. They must pay 200 SP every time. After this point, increasing one’s FS to a mastery level, will follow the same principles as everyone else. However your character will receive a discount, which will see your character pay 450 SP for mastery per Fighting Style.

Note: More about this system will be added as time goes by and we experiment with it.



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PostSubject: Re: Bount Race Information   

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Bount Race Information
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