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Elixar Takoyaiba
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Brotherhood Prophet
Elixar Takoyaiba

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PostSubject: Human Race Information   Human Race Information EmptyThu May 24, 2012 2:22 pm

World Elite Olympians

From the 6th century to the 8th century many people can recall the Greek Empire which gave birth to The Twelve Olympians, also known as the Dodekatheon (Greek: Δωδεκάθεον δώδεκα, dōdeka, "twelve"+ θεοί, theoi, "gods"), in Greek mythology, were the principal deities of the Greek pantheon, residing atop Mount Olympus. The Olympians gained their supremacy in a war of gods in which Zeus led his siblings to victory over the Titans.

The Legacy of these Olympians live on today in a more modern time with their new generation of children some would say. Sadly, over each generation, the numbers have started to dwindle. Only the strongest 8 gods survived. They are direct descendents of the people known as the 8 Great Olympians. Its rumored that some of these children are those of the original 12 Olympians. Now in the 21st the only way the power of these these human like gods can be explained as "fullbrings" but with this information it proves that somethings are darker than black.

At some time in the 20th century, a group of wealthy humans started their own company, which focused on finding all humans with their gifted abilities from their godly ancestors and helping them reach their full potential. Oddly enough not all humans found their power this way. Some people found their powers by having their mothers attacked by hollows at some point in their life but for some and this is for the chosen 12 Olympians they had both incidents happen in their life. The breakout of war between the SS and Arrancar has since destroyed this company and its facilities. Humans now given this deadly power of Gods are now wanderers, finding alike individuals.

Now, with the war between the two main forces in standstill, Humans can finally come out of hiding. A resentment for both sides is harboured within the members of the fractions, not so much as to hunt down - but a great mistrust has formed between the Humans and both sides of the war. The hollow attacks and sky high spiritual pressures mutating newborns into what they are now. Those cursed, or blessed with the power of Gods.

The main goals of the WEO are to: Enhance yourself and others, Protect the world they live in, and most importantly; deal judgement to the forces that ruined your lives at the start. The WEO does not recommend or support the hunting down of Arrancar or the Soul society, but it does however support the idea of watching and waiting, should there be a good reason, any violence is generally supported. Overall, the WEO see themselves as gods, with such a power, comes their 'responsibilities.' The strive for new greatness as a general rule.

Dodekatheon (8 Olympians) [Main Fraction] - the main Fraction, members of this fraction are those who lead the company and all of its affairs. The leader is also the leader of the entire organization and the one who has the strongest level of power. Each mother of each leader was exposed to an attack from a Vasto Lorde Hollow, so that when the child is born he or she gains the highest level of power which could equal to the power of all other Race leaders, such as the Captain Commander. The rest of the members in this Fraction are his advisors, all on the level of captains, Also for those who have a tie to a god in some form or was personally invited to The World Elite.
Base Location: Spread out: Japan

The Big 3 (3 Greatest Olympians) [Higher Fraction] - The strongest of the Fraction, Members of this fraction are those who posses the powers of either Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades. These 3 members are the strongest within the group generally, with more powerful or advanced fullbrings. These three have higher authority over the rest of the Olympians, after Zeus, the other two members are the highest form of authority in the fraction.
Base Location: Regional: Japan

Apollo-Katheons (Quincy 5) [Alternative Fraction] - This Fraction is for those not born of the human kind but born of Quincy. Yes from a direct connection to the god Apollo who also used a bow and arrow these men shall work closely to the Dodekatheons and also serve under them.
Base Location: Varies

Ares-Katheons (Bounto 5) [Alternative Fraction] - This Fraction is for those not born of Human blood or Quincy blood but of Bounto. Ares the god of war preached all are enemies until proved otherwise but the Bounto took his words and ran with them only aligning themselves with the humans and Quincy but at the same time making it clear they are power hungry and with skill to show.

Positions and the Level of Power they hold:
Zeus: Elixar Takoyaiba - Part of Big 3, Leader - Lightning Based Fullbring
Poseidon: - Part of 'Big Three', ultimately in charge with exception of Zeus - Water Based Fullbring
Hades: - Part of 'Big Three', ultimately in charge with exception of Zeus - Darkness Based Fullbring
Ares: - Combat God - Deals with groups and the like.
Apollo: - Hunting God - Deals with Quincy affairs and the like. - Arrow based Fullbring
Artemis: - Hunting Goddess - Deals with Quincy affairs and the like. - Arrow based Fullbring
Hermes: - Messenger God - Deals with reports and the like.
Hephaestus: - Forgery God - Deals with equipment and other armour like things - Metal/Ore based Fullbring

Grunts - Power varies, from Lieutenant level till the level of a Unseated Shinigami.


Fullbring is a special ability which certain Humans are born with, in which they can manipulate the "soul" of matter for a variety of effects. Fullbringers each have a parent who was attacked by a Hollow before they were born. Traces of the Hollows' powers remained in their mothers' bodies, which were then passed onto them when they were born. Thus, the powers resemble those of Hollows more than they resemble those of Shinigami. Fullbring abilities do not and cannot change through growth. However, Fullbringers must progress to a certain level before they can use their abilities to their fullest. As such, the Fullbring of a user that has not reached such a level appears to be different, and can be considered "incomplete."

Fullbring can be used for a variety of different things. Users can perform such feats as pulling out the soul of a drink to have it help him drink it, pulling the soul out of asphalt to make it more elastic or to even be able to walk on water by pulling on its soul. Fullbring can also be used for high speed movement. When doing this, a Fullbringer's feet will begin to emanate a light called Bringer Light. This is a sign that the user is beginning to master Fullbring. Fullbring also allows for a user to accelerate in mid-air.

Bringer Light - the Human version of Shunpo/Sonido.

Air/Water Walking - the ability of Fullbringers which allows them to walk on air or water.

Instant Acceleration - similar to the Bringer Light, this technique allows a Fullbringer to suddenly accelerate, reaching a level of speed which is a tad faster than their usual level of speed.

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Elixar Takoyaiba
Brotherhood Prophet
Brotherhood Prophet
Elixar Takoyaiba

Posts : 180
Join date : 2011-08-03

Zan||Ken||So||Ki: : Mastery//Expert//Pract//Pract
Rank: : Elite
Race: : Human

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PostSubject: Re: Human Race Information   Human Race Information EmptyThu May 24, 2012 3:11 pm

Human Fighting Styles

Zan: This style generally refers to the way of the sword. However, Zan shall also be used as a reference to determine how well one utilizes their weapons.

No skill in this means you can't use Fullbringing, no Fullbringing means that you can't use any other ability since you do not posses the ability to see spirits and interact with them.

Human: Fullbringing
Mastery: Same as before. Now, when using Fullbringing final form, your Reiatsu is increased by a 50%.

Experts: Same abilities from before, you got them. But, now, you don't even have to call out the name of your Fullbringing, you just have to manifest it by changing the shape of your item.

Practitioner: You can use Fullbrining, good for you. Thats it, no extra benefits. Except, if you are a Elite, you can even use your second stage. Though, to use Fullbringing you can either use a release phrase or just call out the name of your Fullbringing.

Ken: The ability to fight unarmed and without the use of weapons as suggested will be covered by this style. In simple terms, Ken relates to Hakuda (Hand to Hand) combat. This style of fighting is very popular among some. While others choose to master other arts.

Not having any skill in this area means that without your Fullbringing, you are pretty much useless. You don't know where or how to land hits, nor do you know any type of martial arts.

Human: Martial Arts
Mastery: All of the skills from the previous stages are allowed to you. At this stage you are a master of a couple fighting styles and you get 1 more Free Technique Slot for a Custom martial art Techniques of your own desire. This slot can't be used for anything except that.

Experts: You got all of the skills which a Practitioner has, and even more. At this moment, you have learned how to efficiently use your strength and the strength of your foe into your advantage. But, that is not it, you also learned the locations of ones pressure points and organs. So, by hitting the right spots, you can do some serious damage with not so much effort.

Practitioner: You know how to use two or three types of martial arts, so even when someone disarms you, you will have a chance to win. Your skills aren't perfect and you still don't know where to hit in order to do the most damage.

So: This style relates to movements, and in this case, movement relates to techniques such as Shunpo, Sonido etc. Many have chosen to base their fighting style heavily on movement.

Not having a skill in this are means that you suck at using Bringer Light so that you can only use it 2 times before a 3 post cool down.

Human: Bringer Light
Mastery: Ones which posses this level of mastery over Bringer Light were often called The Light Rulers or The Queens/Kings of Light. You are able to use Bringer Light 14 times before a 3 turn cool down. Not to mention, when you use this skill, you can make a blinding light appear at the place where you left. This light is so bright that anyone who is looking at ti will get blinded for 2 posts. Elites can use the technique 5 times, each taking one Bringer Light usage. Semi and Non Elites can use it 3 times, taking one Bringer Light usage. Once cicada is used up, it can not be used again till Bringer Light cool down is over.

Experts: Your knowledge over this technique is quite impressive, you are so good that you can use it 10 times, after which you got a 3 post cool down. As you leave your position a blinding light appears, blinding anyone who looks at it for 1 post. Elites can use the technique 3 times, each taking one Bringer Light usage. Semi and Non Elites can use it 1 time, taking one Bringer Light usage. Once cicada is used up, it can not be used again till Bringer Light cool down is over.

Practitioner: You have learned how to efficiently use Bringer Light, meaning, you are now able to use it 8 times before a 3 post cool down.

Ki: Magic power is also another style that is utilized in battle, more so than some. These styles are all based upon preference and one's talent for such skills. Kido, Cero and other similar abilities are covered under this fighting style.

Having no skill in this area doesn't mean anything. For humans this part is optional, you don't really need it. It is about your skill with advanced manipulation of Reyoku. The basics of this skill are walking on air and water and using Fullbringing.

Human: Reyoku
Mastery: The previous skill is yours even now. But, you gain an additional and free technique slot due to your mastery with Reyoku manipulation. Not to mention, you can use Instant Acceleration twice now.

Experts: The previous skill is yours even now. But, at this stage you gain an additional and free technique slot. Due to your great expertise with Reyoku manipulation.

Practitioner: You can use the Instant Acceleration technique once per topic to suddenly increase the movement speed of a part of your body. Not to mention, you gain an additional and free technique slot.

Peasants to Legends

The peasants to legend system was designed for those, who would prefer to start at the very bottom. Those who prefer the idea of character development, through true hardship. These peasants will no doubt become legends among their peers when its all said and done.


The Super Humans:

The Humans of this level are nothing but mere peasants, fledglings hoping to one day ascend to the status of their more experienced brethrens. A Human of this level has yet to learn how to pull out souls from different objects etc. But before this should be attempted, the Human first needs to gain the necessary amount of knowledge required.

Gaining Knowledge & Basic Training: In order for a human to learn more about the potential of using Fullbring. The Human must first seek out an experience Fullbringer and become their apprentice. They must spend at least two topics learning about the existence of Fullbring and how it even came to be. They must also complete a minimum of 1k word training, detailing their new found ability to pull out the souls of numerous objects.

The Item of Focus: Humans that have mastered the ability to pull out souls from different objects will now seek to advance even further. This advancement comes in the form of utilizing an ability that is unique to your character. This is the ability of your Fullbring, but more often than not, there must be an Item of Focus that will act as the medium to your powers. Once this item has been chosen, you may then begin to learn more about activating your fullbring. A minimum of 1k words must be posted detailing how you came to gain access to your Fullbring. At this point, you may also learn the basics of your abilities, but no techniques will be available to you. Your Human will only have access to the base power of your Fullbring.

To fulfil the requirements of this training, one must complete four missions, all of which involves staff played NPC. During these missions, you will utilize your fullbring when necessary for combat. This should then give you a better understanding of your powers.


The fighting styles of a Human at this level are almost nonexistent and as such, the Human FS will appear as seen below:

Zan: Basic
Ken: Basic
So: Basic
Ki : Basic

Fighting Styles Upgrade:

A Human that has successfully activated their Fullbring Item and learned more about its ability will get an upgrade in two areas. This means, you can boost your FS to that of a practitioners level. The area that you decide to boost is based on the vision of your own character. You will then get to upgrade another style lacking in skill, to that of a practitioner level, once you’ve learned your first technique. In order to upgrade your final area, you must complete two missions. By doing this, you would have increased all styles to that of a Practitioner’s level.

A Bonus/Incentive: In order to help you to become stronger, you will be given +200 Soul Points. The Soul Points given must be used for your Human and Human only. It cannot be transferred elsewhere or used for something else not directly related to your character’s FS progress. In order for one to progress all their FS to that of an Expert level. They must pay 200 SP every time. After this point, increasing one’s FS to a mastery level, will follow the same principles as everyone else. However your character will receive a discount, which will see your character pay 450 SP for mastery per Fighting Style.

Note: More about this system will be added as time goes by and we experiment with it.
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