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PostSubject: Kisho's Custom Cero   Kisho's Custom Cero EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 11:57 pm

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¬Cero Name: Vertigo

¬Cero Description: The cero is more so a spiritual shockwave of energy in a nature that seems to be between electricity and sound. The cero is usually fired from a closed fist to open palm motion. Visually it seems as if the air ripples in the form of circular sound waves that grow as it reaches its max range. The distance in which the waves travel is 30 meters and spans 20 meters at max distance.(Basically a rippling cone like shape). Initially the blast does not do any damage and seems to only work as a type of strong force push. The unique aspect of the cero is that the damage factor sets in on the users following post after its been used. The damage dealt is great and seems to hit the target all at once causing violent and quite painful contractions of the muscles or convulsions. The reason for this delayed damage response is that throughout the cero wave are hardly visible sparks of spiritual electricity that steadily make their way to the muscles and brain. This effect lasts 1 Post. This cero receives its name for the way it looks when used and the fact that the first thing that happens when the damage response sets in is the offsetting of vision and ringing of the ears. If used against building structures and such the force push is enough to destroy, its also able to combat equal or weaker spiritual techniques.

¬Charge Duration: None

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PostSubject: Re: Kisho's Custom Cero   Kisho's Custom Cero EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 5:20 pm


[19:36:00] Dirge : It looks like Souta has everyone wrapped up around his finger.

[19:07:46] Arete : Because staff is bitches that won't approve shit.

[11:45:18] Alastair : But the link between me and William is something that is stronger than between William and any of you combined. <------- Somebody a lil homo?

[11:29:12] Alastair : Kimura and Eika are the only ones who weren't bias <----- LOLWUT
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PostSubject: Re: Kisho's Custom Cero   Kisho's Custom Cero EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 5:36 pm

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