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PostSubject: OTM Winners: JANUARY   OTM Winners: JANUARY EmptyMon Jan 30, 2012 7:21 pm

January Winners
    Member of the Month: IKA MAZI
    TO WIN: This member represents the ideals of what a member should be. Fun. Active. Impartial to Drama. Gets along with others generally. Is not a rule-bender and exploiter. This member does not hold themselves in regards that will be deemed compromising to the site.(Meaning they do not encourage the sites downfall when they don't get their way.) This member is however NOT a brown-noser. Because brown-nosing is not the way a valued member would act.

    Character of the Month: TSUBO HITSU
    TO WIN: Whoever has good character development, actually rp's by their personality, and has been active and has been in a few topics. Clearly and is obviously spending time making sure that their character is kicking ass and taking names. Though not always through violence. Has had some sort of experience in role-play that really defines their character. Represents exactly what a well brought up character is. Even elites can show some sort of progression through-out their role-play career. Mile-stones of achievements. Winners of this also get redemption.

    Couple of the Month: N/A
    TO WIN: Hardest award to achieve. To gain this one must develop the relationship over time, people who have kept a relationship for a long period of time should be more recognized then any new ones starting out. You must have a good topic detailing the evolution and progression in your relationship. The winners of this award also get a free HOME location. This HOME location is private too the couple. So they may have as many private role-plays as possible. (Good story, concept, and development should all be recognized for one to win this award. )

    Topic the Month: GODDAMN FOREIGNERS
    TO WIN: Exciting, Developing, Active. Three things that are so immensely important to a good topic. Otherwise its dull and boring and you wanna skip over it. Winners of thread of the month will only get a prize if they are in a thread in which it is simply themselves, one other, or a trio of people. Anything with four people and above will not gain a prize, but will be recognized for having a great topic.

    Fight of the Month: HAINE VS TALUKRA VS ACALEUS
    TO WIN: Who has had a fight that one would deem epic. Rivaling or is almost close too something as interesting as the Anime fights. These are the long lasting fights, the ones where death is not an option for either person. They fight so hard that it is completely even. A brawl that is full of thrill and chills. (If the opponent dies it is less likely too count.)

    Staff Member of the Month: GENTLEMAN POLK
    Staff Know what it takes too get this.

    Friendship of the Month: KUSANAGI & JUN
    TO WIN: Same as couple of the month. Minus the romance. This is about who are gal pals or bros. Who have shown too have interpersonal relationships with others too the extent in which they matter. Anyone can win this. Because anyone has the potential too make strong bonds. The winners of this award get a free TEAM BASED ATTACK!

    Race of the Month: ARRANCAR
    TO WIN: Simple. Which race has done the most interesting shit in role-play. The size of the race does not matter. It is about how active and how they are working within their self-centered plots. Which race really proves that they are the best that Soul Disruption has too offer. Winners of this get a free 100 points.

    Moment of the Month: Frank Sinatra was from New Jersey- Post #15
    TO WIN: Who has had a memorable OOC moment here on the site. Be it happy or sad. Good or bad. If it was epic. It gets counted.

    Winners Reward: 200 SP (Must be claimed in a update for your character)


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