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PostSubject: The SD Bank & Black Market   The SD Bank & Black Market EmptyMon Jan 23, 2012 3:57 pm

The Soul Disruption Bank & Black Market

The Soul Disruption Bank and Black Market deals with both legal and illegal dealings, allowing one to purchase and trade numerous items obtained. The Bank is the legitimate side of the business, and like all legitimate businesses. There are certain rules and guidelines that must be abide by, or else one risks the law shutting them down immediately.

However, criminals like me, a man who likes to gamble, likes the idea of a black market better. There we can find our usual liars, cheaters, traitors, pirates and just about everything illegitimate. The black market was designed to go against the governing body of Soul Disruption. In some cases this may be seen as nothing but a fallacy. One must always remember the watchful eyes of the SD government will be monitoring the black market too. The reason for this is rather simple; there are dirty politicians, who will seek to play on both sides.

The Bank of SD

Rules & Guidelines

1. Members may cash in unused items (Technique Slots) and earn themselves Soul Points as a means of increasing their funds. Techniques obtained from contests and of the month (OTM) rewards, if not used may be traded in. The Bank of SD will then purchase these items for 75% of their original price.

SD Black Market

1. The black market is the place of the liars, cheaters and robbers of the SD realms. The black market is a place where corrupt scientists, and dealers of other nature gathers. It is here that items are traded, purchased and sold; sometimes one thing may be given for another.

Abide or Die

  • The Bank cannot be robbed/looted.

  • Only items obtained IC from a playable character can be traded or sold. Translation- One cannot approach the Bank or the Market with something they magically picked up without just cause.

  • Whenever a trade has been made, one must proceed to the character update area and get the transaction approved.

  • The black market will make available certain items that one may be able to purchase. This is to give access to items that one may find rather difficult to obtain.

  • Items created by others may be sold on the black market. This generally covers inventions and things of a similar nature. The inventor may set the prices of the items they're selling. But for everything sold, the Bank/Black Markets receives a 20 SP commission from it.

Black Market Deals

To be available.

The SD Staff holds the right to modify the rules and guidelines of the of the Bank and the Black Market.

~Jushiro Out~

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The SD Bank & Black Market
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