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 Segunda Etapa Template & Rules

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PostSubject: Segunda Etapa Template & Rules   Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:52 am


Release Name: I think everyone knows what comes here.

Release Phrase: Self-Explanatory as well.

Release Appearance: Here the interesting part comes. In this form you pretty much start looking like a Hollow which you were before becoming Arrancar.. Must be as much Hollow-like as you want possible.

Release Ability Enhancement: Right, this is the most interesting part. Instead of getting a new Ability, which would be kind-a unfair to others, you just get a enhancement of ye previous ability.

Some of you might be wondering what does that mean? Well, here are a few examples.

Lets say that you got an ability to manipulate water which you create from a part of your body. Well, now, you can either gain another source of the element for your manipulation or you can increase the amount of water which you can manipulate. Like, instead of just creating water and manipulating the water which you created, you could pick the enhancement which allows you to advance your ability so you could manipulate the water from the surrounding area.

Release Enhancements:
Well, here you can't actually get anything custom, only ONE of the presented enhancements.

  • Enhanced Speed: Arrancar gain a great boost in their speed while in Segunda and will be able to use Sonido 2 additional times before it goes on cool down. With your new form active you gain one Fighting Style increase in "So" with this enhancement, from their original level of Mastery. [IE: Practitioner is now Expert] You all saw how fast Ulquiorra was in Segunda.

  • Enhanced Strength: Arrancar gain a great boost in their strength while in Segunda. With your new form active you gain one Fighting Style increase in "Ken" with this enhancement, from their original level of Mastery. [IE: Practitioner is now Expert]

  • Additional Technique Slot: You get 2 new Technique slots for the techniques which you can only use while in Segunda.

Time Duration and Cool Down:
Right, Segunda Etapa is not forever lasting. Not to mention, if you use it for too long you might die.

Starting Point - is 3 Posts with a 3 Post Cool Down before you could use it again. At this point, there is no risk of dying.

For each 1000 words, you increase the duration and the Cool Down by 1.

After passing the number 6 for post Duration, the Cool Down increases by 2 with each new increase and so does the Post Duration.

When you reach 10 posts duration, the cool down increase becomes 3.
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Segunda Etapa Template & Rules
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